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Rubber Flooring Mat For Garages


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Rubber Floor Matting For Garages

  1. FLOOR PROTECTION – Durable, anti-slip, interlocking mats keep your floor secured against scratches and scrapes  particularly when utilized for your home rec center or kids’ play zone. Additionally ideal for  swing sets and garden pools
  2. SMOOTH SURFACE FOR EXERCISE – With good thickness, these floor mats go about as perfect surface for you to do your push-ups, or yoga meetings.
  3. EASY ASSEMBLE – We’ve utilized an ideal interlocking framework so mats can be easily assemble and fit according to area.


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1m x 1.5m ,3ft 3" x 4ft 9, 4m x 1.5m ,13ft 1" x 4ft 9, 8m x 1.5m ,26ft 2" x 4ft 9, 12m x 1.5m , 39ft 4" x 4ft 9, 13m x 1.5m ,42ft 7" x 4ft 9, 14m x 1.5m ,45ft 9" x 4ft 9


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