Rubber Matting

Rubber matting:
Do you want a high-performing, high-quality rubber mat for your business? Rubber Matting Co has a wide range of high-quality rubber mats with non-slip and sound-absorbing properties and is an expert when it comes to durable, hard-wearing commercial and industrial mats. The mats are designed to enhance the look of the entrance of your business and any reception area. Rubber mats from Rubber Matting Co safeguard and protect your business premises from dirt, moisture, water, and wear, protecting marble, titled, wooden, and carpeted floors from becoming damaged over time, even in high traffic areas. Browse our online range and find rubber mats that suit your individual business needs, either as rolls for larger runs or fixed sizes for smaller areas.

In addition to rubber entrance mats, Rubber Matting Co offers chemical-resistant, antifatigue, non-slip, and rolled rubber mats. Additionally, they are available in a variety of sizes to cover small, medium, large and complicated areas, ensuring your floor is covered as much as possible.

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